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New single out now!

It seems rare these days to find a commercial organisation actually doing something meaningful to help independent artists like myself - but Bandcamp is. If you don't already know, the first Friday of the month (yes, that's today), they waive their 15% fee on purchases, meaning that 100% of what you spend on the site today (apart from local taxes) goes directly to artists. This is by far the most effective way of supporting music makers out there at the moment - streaming and downloads from other sites doesn't come at all close. So if you love music, and want to see it thrive, this is the day and this is the way to open your wallet and your heart. My release pipeline is slowly taking shape, with some exciting things brewing. Since 2021 is the year in which I plan to really crack sharing music (what have I been doing the last 10 years? Sitting on stuff, that's what), I've just released my first SINGLE! Yes, it's like 1996 all over again, except now there's no Woolworths.

Here's a preview:

Ready for Freddie is an homage to the funk and soul of the early 1970s - all clavinet, Hammond B3 and gospel-tinged backing vocals. This track started out as something else entirely, but after that didn't work out, I thought to meself, "let's get Freddie on this and turn it into something sick." Have I convinced you yet? Buy the track here: And while you're there, if you've been thinking of buying either of my other two releases, Vesperados (Latin Jazz) or In Search of Dopamine (Ambient Electronica), do it before midnight tonight to support me most directly!

Who's Freddie then? Well, he's officially the Best British Jazz Trumpeter (at least, in 2017 he was - he's still pretty good though). A founder member of Fletch's Brew and a regular with the Ronnie Scott's Quintet, he's also a lovely guy. His 2017 album, Transient is on regular rotation on my listening list too, with a refreshing mix of British and American jazz influences on show.

I hope you enjoy the new track. I'm getting better (behind the scenes) at getting more music to the release stage, and you can look forward to hearing lots more from me over the coming months. Thanks for coming along for the ride - it's your support that makes it possible! Stream & Download my 3 releases from

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