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Selected media examples of James' work.
Hermeto's Hideaway

Hermeto's Hideaway

Hermeto's Hideaway is an original composition for big band by James Brady, inspired by the music of Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal. Described as 'one of the most important musicians on the planet' by no less a figure than Miles Davis, Pascoal's music draws on native Brazilian folkloric traditions, European classical music and North American jazz in equal measure. Inspired by this, I've combined the 'partido alto' rhythm of Brazilian Samba with the rapid, flowing 'embolada' style of melody from Repente music, a mixture of simple Samba and complex contemporary jazz harmonies and techniques of counterpoint taken from Baroque music. The piece as a whole develops two themes: theme A is a bright, syncopated melody based on a simple major scale, and theme B is a darker, more chromatic melody which refuses to stay in one key, modulating frequently. Deployed across the whole ensemble, theme A evokes the street-party atmosphere of the Rio Carnival, whilst, in the centre of the piece, theme B's twisting harmonies provide a platform for a series of improvised solos which build to a climactic drum solo. Immediately afterwards, what at first appears to be a simple recapitulation of theme A rapidly evolves into a full fugal exposition and series of middle entries, before veering back towards a call-and-response structure with melodies in the style of a Baroque keyboard toccata. To finish, a last explosion of carnival atmosphere suddenly gives way to a humorous whispering ending featuring an improvised piano line over the partido alto rhythm in acoustic guitar and saxophones. Solos, in order of appearance: Toby Brazier (flugelhorn) Tom Smith (tenor sax) Ewan Gilchrist (trumpet) Alex Western-King (alto sax) Matt Sulzmann (soprano sax) Jamie Leeming (acoustic guitar) Liam Dunachie (piano) Scott Chapman (drums) Recorded 14/11/16 at Guildhall School of Music and Drama by Neil Dawes, assisted by Mark Rainbow Trumpets: Tom Harrison, Ewan Gilchrist, Jack Courtney, Toby Brazier Saxophones: Alex Western-King, Rachel Kerry, Matt Sulzmann, Tom Smith, Tom Ridout Trombones: Chris Saunders, Joe Fenning, Tom Green Tuba: John Caddick Piano: Liam Dunachie Guitar: Jamie Leeming Bass: Edwin Ireland Drums: Scott Chapman Band direction: James Brady Video editing by James Brady
James features on tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 18 & 20
of the new Fridge Flammers album
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